Davidthorne.net will soon be relaunching under as the company site for David Thorne Limited.  My personal blog has migrated to https://www.cferthorney.com/archive.

From 8th September 2017, I will be available to hire. Please contact me to discuss my availability post this date.

Open Source

Open Source

This page is a candidate for complete rewrite and/or restructure in my upcoming site refresh.  It's contents is planned to be merged into a "Tool chain" page coupled with a more visually complete version of my CV including links to projects that I am publicly able to show.  The contents below is shown for prosperity, although it is correct as of September 2016.

Coding profiles

Here's a list of Open Source Projects I am either heavily interested in or involved in with personal profile links where applicable:

  • Drupal (Use and often program for)
  • Git (Interested and use for coding projects)
  • PHP (Use)
  • MySQL (Use)
  • Symfony - a PHP framework Drupal is integrating with as part of Drupal 8 (learning and want to program for)
  • Laravel - "A PHP framework for artisans" (As described on their website)
  • Android (Learning and want to be developing for)
  • Ansible (Using for server provisioning)
  • Zurb Foundation

Language skills

I am able to program in the following languages:

  • PHP
  • Bash
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • XML
  • SQL