Davidthorne.net will soon be relaunching under as the company site for David Thorne Limited.  My personal blog has migrated to https://www.cferthorney.com/archive.

From 8th September 2017, I will be available to hire. Please contact me to discuss my availability post this date.



This page is a candidate for complete rewrite and/or restructure in my upcoming site refresh.  I am planning for it to become a visually complete version of my CV including links to projects that I am publicly able to show.  The contents below is shown for prosperity, although it has been updated for 2016.

The most recent version of my CV (Sept 2016) Not all contact details are shown).  Should you be interested in contacting me for either employment, contracting or Open Source project work please feel free to do so through my Contact Page.

Please note I leave my CV up whether I am looking for work (Freelance or otherwise).