Davidthorne.net will soon be relaunching under as the company site for David Thorne Limited.  My personal blog has migrated to https://www.cferthorney.com/archive.

From 8th September 2017, I will be available to hire. Please contact me to discuss my availability post this date.

Welcome to David Thorne's website

Welcome to David Thorne's website

Welcome to David Thorne Ltd's website.  My personal site is in the process of redevelopment too.  This site is currently a mixture of the 2, but is left for posterities sake whilst my 2 sites are rebuilt.

Here you can see a copy of my CV, my public SSH and GnuPG keys.  It will also give me an opportunity to comment on projects I am interested in, and link to the associated blogs, wiki's and project pages.  You can also access my blog.  I have just upgraded to Drupal 8, and as it has been since about 2012, my site is in the process of being upgraded with a new theme, and improved layout.  Please be patient whilst I go through this process in between working for myself (From 8th September 2017 I'm available to hire), and trying very hard to have a work/life balance that keeps the hospital, my girlfriend and other friends and family as well as myself happy.

Please note I am not the David Thorne of Aussie fame, who tried to pay bills with a spider etc.  His website can be found at http://www.27bslash6.com/ [27bslash6.com].  I am more than happy to receive praise for his writings, but alas it would be wrong of me, and I really don't think a flame war between 2 David Thorne's is what my website needs right now although let's face it the world could do with a good laugh!