Welcome to David Thorne's website

Welcome to my personal website.  Here you can see a copy of my CV, my public SSH and GnuPG keys.  It will also give me an opportunity to comment on projects I am interested in, and link to the associated blogs, wiki's and project pages.  You can also access my blog.  My site is in the process of being upgraded with a new theme, and improved layout.  Please be patient whilst I go through this process inbetween working on client websites, with my company Contemporary Fusion Computer Services Limited.
Please note I am not the David Thorne of Aussie fame, who tried to pay bills with a spider etc.  His website can be found at http://www.27bslash6.com/ .  I am more than happy to receive praise for his writings, but alas it would be wrong of me, and I really don't think a flame war between 2 David Thorne's is what my website needs right now (As funny as I might find it)